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This easy-to-use, pre-assembled system allows you to experience the full force and vitality of the fish.

  1. Connect the Crucifish to the downrigger cable anywhere you like.
  2. When a fish bites, the line is instantly pulled away from the integral release clip.
  3. The CruciFish remains attached to the downrigger line on a horizontal plain.

This means that you are left reeling in the fish with nothing more than your chosen terminal lure.

Uncover Why You Should Be Using The CruciFish 

  • Get rid of excess weight and drag caused by traditional fishing equipment.
  • Improve the vitality and well-being of the fish you catch by removing in-line flashers.
  • Experience fishing at its full capacity and focus on fighting the fish, not the flasher.

Product Details:

  • Dummy flasher spreader bar
  • Downstream terminal line Scotty release clip
  • All 316 SST construction arms
  • SST ball bearing swivels
  • Original Hot Spot Agitator Flashers
  • Innovative, tangle free flasher connections