Enhance Your Fishing Experience With The CruciFish

The experiences and memories you make fishing will last a lifetime. Make those memories even better by getting the most out of every fight. The CruciFish was created by a fishing guide with the goal of making the overall experience of fishing the best possible.

Traditional inline flashers are heavy, have a lot of drag, and stay attached to your line during the fight with the fish. However, the CruciFish provides a solution that eliminates all drag associated with traditional flashers, is beneficial for catch and release, and will improve your fishing experience.

By leaving the flashers connected to the downrigger cable, once the fish bites, the lack of weight and drag not only gives you more control, but it also helps with the vitality and overall health of the fish. Say goodbye to heavy, traditional in-line flashers and order your CruciFish today!

How it works in 3 simple steps:

This user-friendly, pre-assembled system allows you to experience the full force and vitality of the fish without the excess drag of traditional in-line flashers.

  1. Connect the CruciFish to the downrigger cable anywhere you like.
  2. When a fish bites, the line is instantly pulled away from the integral release clip.
  3. The CruciFish remains attached to the downrigger line.

This means that you are left reeling in the fish with nothing more than your chosen terminal lure. 

Do you use a downrigger and prefer to ‘fight the fish’ with no extra gear or weight?
If so, the CruciFish is right for you!