Customized equipment designed on Vancouver Island to help take your fishing to the next level.

Maximize Your Experience On The Water

Improve your fishing experience with sustainable fishing techniques.

Say goodbye to in-line flashers with the CruciFish!

“This system will give anyone on your boat the ability to handle a fish on the rod like a pro.” – Island Fisherman Magazine

  • Eliminate Weight & Drag

    Forget excess weight and drag associated with traditional fishing gear.

  • Beneficial for Catch Release  

    Improve the vitality and well-being of the fish you catch by removing in-line flashers.

  • Improves Overall Experience 

    Make your fishing memories even better by focussing on fighting the fish, not the flasher.

  • Easy to Setup

    Arriving ready to go, you can skip the fuss of assembling a new product.

Elevate your trolling experience.

Fight the fish, not the flasher.

Why The CruciFish Might The Be Divine Intervention

“This is a great, Vancouver Island made product that enhances your fishing experience”

– Island Fisherman Magazine

  • Kurt, Sunshine Coast BC

    “Easy to setup! And having two flashers instead of one I think is really key… obviously fighting the fish directly was a real treat too! It will definitely be on one side of the boat going forward…once spring/early summer rolls around I plan on buying a second or third for when I start to stack and work more water column. Cheers!”

  • A.L, Lake Cowichan

    Avid fisherman catches six in two days... the best he's ever done.

    "It's terrific, I'm having a blast"

  • Louis M, Upstate New York

    "We caught a bunch of Lakers and Rainbows first time out.  Worked great!!

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